LIPSTICK KILLERS – Strange Flash – Studio and Live ’78-81

Long-Awaited First Ever Anthology From Key Australian Punk Band 



“The Lipstick Killers were easily one of the greatest live bands I’ve witnessed in my 65 yrs. on this planet” – Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks/Off!!)

“Hindu Gods Of Live’/‘shakedown USA’ cleaned the slugs right outta my ears. One side reeked of Choc. Watch band-style heavy psych action, and the other had prime MC5 moves down pat… The band has the kinda dull-tilt, flat-out bottom that’s required o’ hard-ass STRONG R&R… Mark’s power chording and simple BIG leads’re outta the James Williamson school (with hints o’ high SIX-OH grunge consciousness)… The whole thing’s played loud and cruchin’ to a boomin beat…
– Byron Coley

The Lipstick Killers were the most original and coolest of the late 70’s bands in the independent Sydney scene.” – Deniz Tek

HINDU GODS ARE CALLING YOU!!! Grown Up Wrong! Records is thrilled beyond belief to present the LONG-AWAITED anthology of material by the legendary Lipstick Killers, who blazed a trail in late ‘70s post-Radio Birdman Sydney before gigging with the likes of the Gun Club and the Flesh Eaters in Los Angeles where they crashed and burned in 1981.
The Lipstick Killers released just one single in their life time – the perfect ’79 Deniz Tek-produced pairing of “Hindu Gods of Love” and ”Shakedown USA” on their own Lost in Space Records and Greg Shaw’s Voxx Records – but a posthumous live album and a couple of archival releases followed. It was all incredible. All that material is included here, as is a plethora of additional stuff, all from the best-available sources (mostly original tapes).
The Lipstick Killers’ enigmatic and high-energy sound – heavily inspired by the Stooges and the ‘60s psychedelic punk sounds of bands like the Thirteenth Floor Elevators and the Chocolate Watchband – bridged the gap between Radio Birdman and subsequent Sydney groups like the Sunnyboys (whose first-ever show was opening for the Lipstick Killers), Lime SpidersHoodoo Gurus and the Psychotic Turnbuckles. And of course they anticipated generation after generation of other bands with similar things in mind, right up to today’s ‘60s-inspired freaks like The Straight Arrows, The Living Eyes and Thee Oh Sees.

2LP Tracklisting
SIDE 1                  
1. Hindu Gods of Love           
2. Shakedown USA (Lost In Space/Voxx 45 – 1979 – produced by Deniz Tek)
3. Sockman 
4. Pensioner Pie      
5. Teen Police          
6. Rot In Love           
7. Accidents (Mixdown Studio Demos -1978)
1. New Hard Fun     
2. Mesmerizer         
3. Driving The Special Dead 
4. Bongo Flip      
5. Twilight Of The Idols        
6. Strange Flash   
7. Hide & Seek (Trafalgar Demos 1980 – produced by Lobby Loyde)
1. Date With A Thing
2. Liquor Fit (Trafalgar Demos 1980 – produced by Lobby Loyde)
3. Dying Boy’s Crawl               
4. Driving The Special Dead 
5. Bongo Flip 
6. Strange Flash   
7. Sock It To Me – Baby! (Live In Los Angeles – 1981)
1. Twilight Of The Idols         
2. I’ve Got Levitation           
3. Date With A Thing             
4. Shakedown USA 
5. Pharmaceutical Au-Go-Go               
6. Out Of Our Tree 
7. Liquor Fit (Live In Los Angeles – 1981)

2CD Tracklisting
DISC 1                                               
01. Hindu Gods of Love         
02. Shakedown USA (Lost In Space/Voxx 45 – 1979 – produced by Deniz Tek)
03. Sockman 
04. Pensioner Pie      
05. Teen Police       
06. Hindu Gods of Love (demo)       
07. Rot In Love       
08. Accidents (Mixdown Studio Demos -1978)
09. Shakedown USA 
10. Dying Boy’s Crawl            
11. Master’s Words 
12. Bully
13. Teen Police           
14. Wild Weekend    
15. I’ve Got Levitation            
16. Mercy Killer     
17. Pharmaceutical Au-Go-Go
18. Human Crash 
19. Crush On You   
20. Hindu Gods of Love           
21. Head Off 
22. Sock It To Me – Baby!       
23. Sockman 
24. Horizontal Action (Live In Adelaide – May 1979)    
DISC 2                                               
01. New Hard Fun      
02. Mesmerizer       
03. Driving The Special Dead 
04. Bongo Flip 
05. Twilight Of The Idols       
06. Strange Flash    
07. Hide & Seek
08. Date With A Thing             
09. Liquor Fit (Trafalgar Demos 1980 – Produced by Lobby Loyde)        
10. Dying Boy’s Crawl        
11. Driving The Special Dead  
12. Bongo Flip  
13. Strange Flash       
14. Twilight Of The Idols         
15. I’ve Got Levitation           
16. Date With A Thing             
17. Sock It To Me – Baby!     
18. Shakedown USA 
19. Pharmaceutical Au-Go-Go               
20. Out Of Our Tree 
21. Liquor Fit (Live In Los Angeles – 1981)
22. Psycho-Surgeons – Horizontal Action          
23. Psycho-Surgeons – Wild Weekend (Wallaby Beat 45 -1978)
24. Psycho-Surgeons – Falling Apart     
25. Psycho-Surgeons – Crush On You (Rehearsal – 1976)

  • LOOOOOOONG-awaited first ever anthology from key Australian punk/garage-psych band who revered internationally thanks to their classic 1979 “Hindu Gods Of Love” single that Greg Shaw licensed for release on Voxx and which was later included on Rhino’s “Children of Nuggets” box set!
  • Double LP includes the original 1979 single, the posthumous “Sockman/Pensioner Pie’ 45 plus additional unreleased studio masters from the same ’78 session, an unreleased album length 1980 demo session recorded by Aus guitar god Lobby Loyde, and the near-complete LA show that comprised the original live album “Mesmeriser” (taken from the original cassette). Features liner notes by Ugly Things’ Dave Laing, some killer pix and flyers and repro’s of the stunning Lipstick Killers posters designed by highly collectable Sydney poster artist John Foy, and a short feature on the band from New York Rocker by esteemed writer Byron Coley.

  • Double CD includes all this and more, including a near complete and WILD live show recorded in Adelaide in 1978, the revered “Wild Weekend”/”Horizontal Action” 45 released in 1978 by the Psycho-Surgeons (the band the Lipstick Killers formed out of), as well as a couple of 1976 rehearsal recordings from the Psychos’ very early days, which were released on a seriously limited edition 45 on Blank Records a number of years ago.  Also features more images (including some Psycho-Surgeons goodies) and clippings including a ripper 1979 feature by Darcy Condon from Sydney’s RAM, and further notes by Steve Lorkin of ‘80s Sydney zine 48 Crash fame.

  • Guitarist/main-man Mark Taylor (who also happens to be one of the most high-profile collectors of original ‘60s garage/punk 45’s on the planet) will undertake interviews with media internationally. 

  • For fans of Radio Birdman, “Murder Punk”/”Killed By Death” compilations, the Lime Spiders, Hoodoo Gurus, the Sunnyboys, the Scientists, the Fun Things, the Hitmen, Iggy & The Stooges, Roky Erickson & the Aliens, DMZ, the Barracudas, the Nomads, Plan 9, the Fleshtones, the Hypstrz, the Droogs, “Children of Nuggets”, the Fuzztones, the Miracle Workers, the Dirtbombs, Thee Oh Sees, Lobby Loyde (he produced some of it!), Citadel Records, Bomp! Records, Voxx Records.